God Intervened

“Are you telling me God saved my life? Not you? A miracle happened?”

I screamed out to my spirit guides after I listened to a painstaking podcast about the other half of the story. In front of seven hundred plus listeners, they informed me of two facts. They didn’t come to do an intervention or save my life. Instead, they came to teach me to be a spirit guide  They saw me dead. To their surprise, Divine Love, God, brought back my spirit and gave me the miracle of life.

Why me?  This news turned over and for six months. How do I proceed with Its request?

‘A Life or Death Situation’, by Jasmine Renee Abbott, came available on Amazon, September 2016. At that time, I believed eleven spirits came to do an intervention that saved my life. May 3rd, 2017, during a Facebook live video, four spirits from the eleven informed me that God saved my life.

It took me six months to digest this information. November  2017, I began writing book two of the series, The Spirit World Walks with Us. Within this book, I will share the Law of Attraction of the Spirit Wind Realm, which they taught me so I could teach those in the lower spirit realms, after my death.

As I write this book, I will blog both the emotional impact this had on me and how I’m using their lessons currently.  You are invited to this personal encounter of my life.

Jasmine Renee


What is the difference between Hippie Ghost Band’s teachings and others. Part 2

What is the difference between Hippie Ghost Band’s teachings and others?

The time has come to begin to answer this question. Many have asked. I hope this answers your questions. At the end is a link to our website, plus two Facebook pages on the HIppie Ghost Band’s projects.


  1. The biggest difference to me they aren’t promising to save us. It isn’t about ascending. It isn’t about creating a world outside of ourselves into utopia.
  2. The second biggest difference is they brought their heaven here by the request Divine. It isn’t to be a religion or to seek followers. IT just requested to continue building heaven here, and the Hippie Ghost Band agreed.
  3. The Hippie Ghost Band taught me the Living Vision Board, which I will be teaching starting May 8th. It is not similar to the creative visualizations I’ve learned in the past or vision boards. Though both methods are fantastic, their Living Vision Board is ‘out of this world.’ It is one of the first subjects taught to the newly dead.
  4. Their Heaven, a word we chosen to use to aid in understanding, is filled with spirit creating. The same spirit who lives within each of us. To discover my spirit was amazing. It never awoke. It always is.
  5. Demons, negative people, sleeping people and other adjectives used for those not like us is not accepted in their heaven. This is the first group that doesn’t separate us and them. It is the first group I ever encounter, alive or dead, that is continuing to shun people, or to refer to them as disease.


These five elements carried a lot of weight for me. I’ve been active in the metaphysical, eclectic and aware of the new age for over four decades, almost five decades. The professional part is around forty-five years, and with that comes package my skeptic. I will test a spirit. To my wonderment and amazement, in the past four years, the changes that have taken place, physically, mentally and emotionally in me are breathtaking. I’m honored they taught me their manual for heaven.


How did I get manual? Tomorrow, I will explain, as well as the degree of changes with me.

Be in blessings of love,

Jasmine Renee,





Victim vs Victory


Many times”and I mean many”, I have been in the victim seat. I could find excuse after excuse as to why I couldnt change something or someone😉. I could go back almost 36 years and find a damn excuse lol. Once I realized it was my fears of not being good enough, strong enough, or accepted, that kept my victim mask on, It got a little easier to remove. What I didnt realize was all these “relevant” excuses, only kept me captive.
When we blame ANYTHING we are living, on another, we are taking on more baggage that is even heavier than understood. You keep yourself held down and blindfolded. You have the ability to escape, yet you are waiting for the accused to rescue you. You are saying, that person or situation, holds the answer. Can you see how disastrous this mask can become. You are incognito even to…

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Hippie Ghost Band’s Path

What is the difference between their path and others?

29356262_446682482418486_8059073713636638720_n (1)

In two weeks, I will be offering the Hippie Ghost Band’s Path in two different courses. For the past year, in podcasts done through Facebook, I’ve hinted at a few concepts. They took off splendidly, yet I got to experience what our spirit guides go through daily, in guiding us. The majority chose what they wanted and added their own strands of beliefs. The mixture turned into muddy hell.  After a year of observing personal walls, groups, and pages on Facebook, I understood why the group chose to not present the material they taught me before now.

There is a major difference between their teachings and our present-day teachings. They, at first, might appear to be like Law of Attraction, Vision Boards and other New Thought and New Age concepts, but they are night and day.

Please, join me in the next couple days as I blog and vlog(podcast) the difference, and what I learned this past year. Our earth is identical to their third level of spirit plane. It became clear to me, with the resistance and the need to repeat the same programming from centuries ago, from most people.

The Hippie Ghost Band’s way of living is identical to the heaven built on the spirit plane. Our way is part of the existing hell here and there.

For more information about the Hippie Ghost Band’s teachings, click here. https://www.facebook.com/hippieghostbandwayteachers

For more information on our classes and whereabouts please click here.


Those Days


I know Im not the only one that has”those days”right? Those days that as soon as you open your eyes, you feel blah. Your energy level is low and your determination just doesnt exist. I remember having them often,but lately they are not as common. Now,these past few days,they came to pay me a visit. A visit that reminded me to slow down and listen. A visit,that reminded me, how important paying attention to me and my thoughts are. But, most importantly, a visit to remind me of how hard it is when you feel this heaviness. I didnt have much of a problem doing my daily house chores, cooking,or the daily routine. More of a lack in my personal creativity and imagination. I all of a sudden felt like nothing is going anywhere. I took my eyes off of what I have, to see what I dont. I had…

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Through my eyes!


It wasnt always that I could feel down yet keep a float. Im learning a different view, or a more beautiful understanding . Coming from a christian upbringing, seeking outside of myself was the normal. But, since you accepted a savior, you were ok regardless of your mistakes, cause your forgiven, right? Well, since childhood I have experienced trauma after trauma. Now being an adult I can see things alot clearer and with more compassion for myself and others. I had to break out of all I thought was right, and allow what is natural and pure to flow in. I had to teach myself that any fear based thought or feeling was not what I wanted to associate with. For with that came confusion and seeking outside of myself again. I had to be honest with my each thought and action. I had to pay attention to which part…

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Short stories for Inspiration

The Pixie


Crimson skies never covered the view from my lighthouse. As I stared at the ocean I wondered how much more beauty was in store for today? Earth has been a trip, since my arrival three years ago. I found a group of people near the ocean, who let me stay in their lighthouse. Each morning they changed the color of the sky through a magical wheel. They enjoyed spinning it, though the outcome never was announced until it revealed into in the sky. I could hear the shout out of joy on the beach and knew my new family has embraced the day. I will too.


A pixie living on the earth is an adventure. I am a pixie. The ability for earth people to not embrace life surprised me on my arrival. Almost ready to pull the plug that would scoot me back home, I decided to postpone a bit, when I awoke at sunrise and saw the sky a brilliant cobalt blue, and a cloud was writing about seagulls. What is this? Could it be? Is there life on earth?

A pixie left alone for three years, and who planned to go back home to Pixie realm that day, had her plans drastically changed. In the ocean stood a lighthouse that only rose at sunrise, to color the sky and to drop off the inhabitants until night. These people came to paint the sky colors of joy, and happiness, while the musicians strummed strings that hugged the world. Singers sang so tears of love could nudge the heart to open again, while the writer drew letters together to form two words that said it all, I Love.

Atlantas 3_13_2018 10_45_15 AM

The pixie decided to stay and join this Lighthouse group, as the carriers of the two words, I Love. Maybe one day you will awaken and see the lighthouse floating on the ocean while letting out the people and the pixie. Perhaps you too will join and shine on the I Love.

Beyond the Veil Step 4


Ho’oponopono with I Am Love

Hippie Ghost Band

.The Ho’oponopono was gifted to her in 1999. Iby a woman, not t though was missing instructions and understanding. She was sent that year to receive this healing technique, and  It laid dormant until we centered her life, in 2013.



                              Healing with the                                                     Ho’oponopono


As they stated, in 1999, I received a copy of the Ho’oponopono, when I went to Hawaii. The healing technique left many questions, and my hostess who presented it to me moved and we lost contact. I was forty-seven at that time. I carried the folder religiously everywhere I moved, except for one move. I was devastated to have lost it, but it did prompt me to do a search on Google. There it was and something new. A four sentence healing chant stared at me. The words came with music.

My next instructions from the spirit group came after I discovered the chant. I needed to do an in depth review of my dating years following Wally’s death. What personality trait accompanied the damsel in distress? People pleasing won first place.  It became my hope to snag a man, which hopefully would prevent me from dying alone.

My spirit group ordered me to chant these four sentences throughout the day. A healing slowly begin. It peeled away the people pleasure to the core issue. I would never amount to anything and I would need someone to take care of me.

Along with this, they had me watch videos of ocean waves, and I was instructed to say, I am loved. I am loving, which awoken me to understanding love surrounds me. Love circles us. This step helped me to connect to the concept of love. This circle became my constant remember I am loved. I am not to blame. Others are not to blame. We are all acting from old outmoded tapes. There are no victims when love guides you.

The Ho’oponopono helped me to work through blocks and patterns as I started to create a new reality. The reality I aimed to create was to become self-sufficient. I could live my life alone and be happy. . It took me three years to break the majority of these patterns. In the end, I moved from Florida to Arizona to begin a new life alone.

It was through holding myself accountable for my choices, without blaming myself, I discovered new meaning to life. My days of hate, shame, isolation, fear of being alone, and a zillion other emotions attached to the stigma of, not being good enough. Success came in a mixture of tiny, medium and large steps. My old patterns will shoot up, if I do not remain mindful of their sprouts and pull the weeds. I am responsible for honoring the authentic person within me. The one I’m finally getting to know.

I will be forever grateful to the Hippie Ghost Band’s contributions in showing me I lived through the lens of lies. The same false concepts to those who believed in them, and didn’t know better. We passed our fears to our children.  I had learned. No parent seeks to destroy their child. Out molded beliefs, which hold zero truth, has been the culprit. We can break this insanity. I am glad I put effort into it. It equaled the same energy output, when we choose to keep our patterns and lock ourselves into our private prison.

Included is a video I recently did with both I am love and the Ho’oponopono.

In Beyond the Veil’s course, coming this April, I will teach their specific instructions.